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Bliss – For Babies Born Premature or Sick – National


Cherished Gowns – National

Provides hospitals in the UK with a comfort pack to give to parents which contains a special Gown made from a wedding or other formal dress that has been donated to the Charity.


Sands – National

Supports anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. NCT – National

Offers information and support in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood


Saying goodbye – National

Provides remembrance services for people who have lost a child at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, whether the loss be recent or 80-years ago


The Compassionate Friends- National

Organisation of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents dedicated to the support and care of other bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents who have suffered the death of a child/children.


Miscarriage Association – National

Providing information on miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.


Tommys- National

Funds research into pregnancy problems and provides information to parents.


Charm- National

Helps couples who are experiencing difficulties in their dream of becoming parents to achieve their goal.


Down Syndrome Research – International

Working to improve the outcome for all people born with Trisomy 21  (T21)


Mind- National

Providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.


Young minds – National

Improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.


Remember my Baby – National

Providing photography services for the benefit of UK parents losing their baby before, during or shortly after birth.


Emily’s Star- National

Raises awareness of Trisomy 18 also known as Edwards Syndrome


Child Bereavement UK- National

Supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement.


Aiden’s Elephants – National

Provides bereaved parents with information, support and with memory boxes


4Louis – National

Supplies hospitals throughout the UK with the resources to help parents when a baby dies before, during or after birth.


Local Charities:

Cherished Whispers – Medway

Providing memory boxes to the Medway Maritime Hospital for Parents who have suffered the loss of a baby in pregnancy, birth or shortly afterwards


Tomorrows Child Trust – Medway, Swale and Hastings

Providing for the needs of mothers and babies


Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Trust – Medway

Buys lifesaving equipment for very sick and tiny premature babies.


Mental Health – Kent

Supporting people with Mental Health problems.


Abigail’s Footsteps – National

A locally based, national charity focussed on stillbirth bereavement