Baby Memorial Garden

Our Baby Memorial Garden is open to parents who wish to come to a quiet, beautiful place to remember their baby.

We are welcoming to all parents and every family no matter the gestation baby was when lost, the reasons or cause or the time since this loss occurred.  We have a Book of Remembrance housed in a small brick built building where you can visit and sit on special days and read your special words or simply remember.  We have a star shaped display for the beautiful slates and pebbles with a baby’s date of birth or death engraved and a name if known.

If you are interested in placing a tribute at the garden or looking to help out there as a volunteer gardener please email and she will send you the information needed.

Feedback from a parent:

“The Baby Memorial Garden is just stunning – it has given me a sense of closure in that it allowed me to get over the anger of not having a place to go when my baby passed away. There is so little  offered to those who have a miscarriage but this was just perfect. My baby still mattered to me and always will. Thank you Making Miracles for allowing me to have a place to grieve for her”