Kelly, Hayley & Becci provide in-house support and have all had experience within baby trauma and bereavement:

In 2013 Kelly experienced a rare high risk pregnancy with her daughter and prepared herself for the expected loss of her baby for 12 weeks. However against the odds (85%) she went into premature labour at 30 weeks and survived. Kelly lived with her daughter at the hospital following a traumatic emergency c section. Her daughter was in intensive care for 11 days.

Hayley’s journey started in 2010, she has had two premature babies and a miscarriage at 12 weeks. Both of Hayley’s premature boys were in hospital from birth and Hayley spent months living within the SCUBU walls. She understands the excitement turning into a nightmare. Hayley’s pregnancies were all very stressful for the whole family and her loss still breaks her heart.

Becci has had a very long and difficult journey through fertility issues, multiple losses and IVF failures. She understands how physically and emotionally draining the journey to try to become a parent can be. After a period of distress and trauma she was blessed to be able to deliver her two boys via IVF and both were born naturally and healthy at full term.

The whole team are very aware of what the 1 in 4 women face day in/ day out and are on hand to provide support to anyone in this position:

“An amazing charity who have provided support following the stillbirth of my son Oliver in September 2016. Thank you for helping us through such a difficult time” Naomi Walker

“An amazing supporting generous charity that are truly thoughtful and understanding” Chloe Mabb

“Making Miracles have been fantastic since the loss of my baby girl. Truly are a magnificent team” Sophie Shovelar